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Buying and selling a property can be a daunting and sometimes difficult experience especially if it is your first time. In the process of buying and selling a property, you will be relying on the assistance of other people such as real estate agents, financial institutions including banks and solicitors. It is only the solicitor who is acting for you and who has the duty and obligation to ensure that your interests are safeguarded. The way in which we safeguard your interests is by making sure that you are provided with all the relevant information required to enable you make an informed decision. It does not mean that we will make the right decision for you, however,  it does mean that we will provide with all the necessary information which will let you make the best possible decisions. It is very important to have a solicitor that you can trust who explains everything in plain English. At our first meeting we will explain the sale contract to you and inform you of your contractual rights and obligations. We will make sure that you know the difference between exchanging contracts with a cooling-off period and exchanging contracts without a cooling-off period. We will tell you what the Real Estate Agent means when they talk about a “66W”. We will explain the practical consequences of the phrase “caveat emptor” and the importance of pre-purchase enquiries. We will walk with you until the end where your settlement takes place smoothly and without delay. As delay may also mean penalties for our purchaser clients we make your business our business. As your solicitors at I & T Solicitors we handle your conveyancing from the beginning to the end without handing you over to secretaries, clerks or conveyancers. We take pride in providing the best personal service to our clients who also become our return clients in their second or subsequent conveyancing transactions.

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Why does someone consider taking advantage of the services of solicitors like us in a family law matter?

A relationship with a spouse may have gone sour, and the chances of patching things up may appear slim. You may be a single parent concerned about contact with your children, or about the financial support you need to raise them properly. All of these are situations in which people commonly find themselves. It is vitally important to “look before you leap.” We see our job as helping you assess the positives and negatives in various courses of action, and then using all the available legal tools to work toward what we have mutually decided would be the most advantageous, most desirable and fairest outcome.

In a family law dispute, our firm can negotiate immediate financial needs, and if settlement is possible, negotiates enforceable property agreements including consent orders and binding financial agreements. This emphatically does not mean that our firm is eager to make you a party to a litigation or to subject you to lengthy court proceedings. We strongly believe in the value and usefulness of mediation, arbitration and other means of dispute resolution that can spare people the time and expense of long trials.

In every circumstance, what we offer is well-informed judgment as to how your particular issues can most logically and expeditiously be handled – in ways that achieve results you will find satisfactory, in keeping with the law. This could mean a phone call placed on your behalf to straighten out a simple misunderstanding.  In no instance will we do more than necessary, at your expense. In every instance we will do all that is necessary to gain the results you seek – making sure that you understand what is feasible within the Australian legal system.

At the same time, please keep this in mind – if you have come this far, there is an excellent chance that you would benefit from discussing the particulars of your situation with one of our solicitors. All it takes to arrange a consultation is to call 02 9749 9544. We welcome the chance to assist you.

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